Acoustic or Soundproof Insulation Batts
The main purpose of using soundproof insulation  batts is to reduce noise transfer inside your house, it can be between rooms and subfloors also through external walls. Check our acoustic insulation range we have a quick list.

Soundproof batts / Acoustic batts are designed to absorb and reduce noise. In the manufacturing process, they make the batts high density in order to make them soundproofing.  These soundproof insulation batts can be used on timber frames between studs in the wall also can be used between subfloors as well.

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In our Acoustic / soundproof insulation product range, we have Knauf Earthwool, Polyester Solutions, Bradford and Ecowool insulations. All these products have R values starting from R1.5 upwards till R3.1 and thickness from 75mm to 110mm.

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