Electrical Engineering Services

Cevisco – Providing Comprehensive Electrical Services in Melbourne 

Our team of electrical services experts has accumulated a wealth of experience in designing and specifying a diverse range of projects. We cater to basic everyday needs and those requiring exceptional creativity and innovative engineering skills. Our expertise ensures that every project is delivered with utmost precision and excellence.

Reliable and Top-Quality Domestic, Industrial, and Commercial Solutions

At Cevisco, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch and reliable electrical services to our valued domestic, industrial, and commercial clients. Our dedication spans from the initial design phase to project completion, ensuring exceptional quality every step of the way.

Cevisco’s Extensive Range of Electrical Services:

  1. Power and Lighting Design

Our team excels in designing optimal power and lighting solutions that meet your requirements.

  1. Standby Generation Systems

We provide robust standby generation systems that ensure uninterrupted power supply during critical situations.

  1. Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

As experts in electrical engineering, we specialise in installing reliable, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to protect your sensitive equipment from power disruptions.

  1. High, Medium, and Low Voltage Electrical Reticulation

Trust our experienced team to design and implement electrical reticulation systems at various voltage levels suited to your project’s specifications.

  1. Main and Distribution Switchboards

We create efficient and safe main and distribution switchboards that distribute power throughout your facility.

  1. Surge Protection and Power Factor Correction

Cevisco offers advanced surge protection and power factor correction solutions to safeguard your electrical infrastructure and optimise energy efficiency.

  1. Earthing and Lightning Protection

Ensure the safety of your property and equipment by implementing effective earthing and lightning protection systems, expertly designed and installed by our team.

  1. General, Specialised, and Feature Lighting

We have the expertise to design and install a wide range of lighting solutions, from general and specialised lighting to innovative feature lighting that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space.

  1. Intelligent Lighting Control Systems

Experience intelligent lighting control systems that combine convenience, energy efficiency, and customisation to suit your needs.

  1. Exit and Emergency Lighting

Our team ensures compliance with safety regulations by providing reliable exit and emergency lighting solutions.

  1. Building Automation, Integration, and Control

Cevisco offers state-of-the-art building automation and integration systems that enhance comfort, efficiency, and security within your property.

  1. Technical Earthing

Rely on our technical expertise to implement practical solutions for electrical earthing, ensuring safety and reliability.

  1. Authority and Regulatory Advice and Liaison

We provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring compliance with relevant authorities and regulations.

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We take pride in being one of the leading electrical companies in Melbourne. As reputable electrical contractors, we offer a wide range of professional electrical services tailored to your needs. Trust us to deliver excellence, reliability, and innovation for your project.

For information on electrical services, mail us at info@cevisco.com.au or call us at 1300023847.