Fire Engineering Services

Improving Fire Safety: Expert Fire Engineering Consultancy in Melbourne

Cevisco specialises in providing top-notch Fire Engineering Services in Melbourne. With our team of chief engineers, we offer a range of solutions to ensure fire safety and code compliance for your projects

Tailored Strategies for Building Fire Safety

Our Approach: Instead of relying on traditional compliance methods, we pride ourselves on developing innovative and performance-based strategies. Our expertise allows us to overcome non-compliance issues with the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the BCA. We ensure optimal building fire safety tailored to your specific needs by utilising advanced smoke modelling programs and egress calculations. 

Extensive Fire Engineering Services in Melbourne

  • Alternative Solutions: Our fire engineering consultants in Melbourne are adept at creating alternative solutions to meet building code requirements efficiently. 
  • Fire and Smoke Compartmentalisation: We design effective strategies to compartmentalise fire and smoke, minimising the spread of fire hazards. 
  • Evacuation Strategies: Using computer simulations, we analyse access and egress plans to develop efficient evacuation strategies. 
  • Smoke Modelling and Hazard Management: Our experts employ advanced smoke modelling techniques to identify and mitigate potential smoke hazards.
  • Fire Risk Assessment: We undertake thorough assessments to identify potential fire risks within your project and recommend effective mitigation measures. 
  • Peer Review: Our experienced team performs meticulous peer reviews to ensure the highest quality fire engineering solutions. 
  • Auditing and Due Diligence Assessments: We conduct comprehensive fire safety audits and due diligence assessments to evaluate adherence to fire safety standards. 
  • Authority and Regulatory Advice: Our consultancy services provide expert advice and liaise with authorities to navigate complex fire safety regulations.

As a leading fire engineering consultancy in Melbourne, Cevisco is committed to delivering superior fire engineering services to ensure the safety and compliance of your projects. Our expertise and customer-centric approach set us apart, making us the trusted choice for all your fire engineering needs in Melbourne.

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