Structural Forensic Engineering – Safeguarding Structures and Ensuring Integrity

Structural Forensic Engineering is a specialised field that investigates, analyses, and assesses structural failures and accidents. It combines principles from civil engineering, materials science, and forensic science to determine the causes of structural failures, such as building collapses or bridge failures.

By meticulously examining the evidence and applying advanced engineering techniques, forensic engineers in this field work towards uncovering the root causes and contributing factors behind these incidents. Their findings are crucial in improving design practices, ensuring safety standards, and preventing future failures in the built environment.

Assessing Structural Issues with Expertise and Precision

Our team of highly competent and skilled structural forensic engineers possesses the aptitude and know-how to analyse structural concerns. We specialise in comprehensive forensic engineering services encompassing multi-level commercial buildings, industrial structures, residential properties, bridges, and civil structures.


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Focusing on Post-Construction challenges

Our forensic engineering service primarily focuses on post-construction issues that require expert advice and effective remediation. Collaborating with our other engineering disciplines, we offer a comprehensive suite of reports, personalised advice, and expert testimony.

Empowering Your Claims And Disputes

Our experienced forensic engineers are well-versed in technical expertise. They can assist you in settling insurance claims and legal disputes efficiently. We offer valuable advice and suggestions as part of our Melbourne forensic engineering services. Trust us with any concerns or issues related to structural engineering matters, and we promise prompt turnarounds and transparent services

Comprehensive Forensic For Expert Forensic Engineering

Thorough Investigation of Building Materials, Products, and Structures

Our team of forensic engineers is dedicated to providing a meticulous assessment of post-construction issues. We follow a detailed step-by-step process, carefully observing and evaluating structural defects, capability, and reliability. Considering the current condition and status, we offer tailored recommendations for remedial work.

Trust Cevisco Consultancy for Expert Forensic Engineering

Regarding forensic engineering services in Melbourne, Cevisco Consultancy is your top choice. We focus on comprehensively investigating building materials, products, and structures. Our devoted team is committed to identifying the fundamental problems and providing our clients with precise legal solutions. 

Whether investigating structural engineering, assessing building defects and damages, or preparing detailed reports with technical findings, our senior experts ensure accurate and reliable results.

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Solving Construction Mysteries: Expertise of our Forensic Engineers

Structural Solutions at Your Fingertips: Get Expert Structural Insight.

Objective and Timely Investigations

Our team of seasoned forensic engineers possesses the knowledge and expertise to conduct thorough investigations with the utmost objectivity and efficiency. From diagnosing complex issues to providing dispute resolution reports, we are dedicated to serving your needs promptly.

Emergency Works Response and Resolution

Rest assured, when emergencies strike, our team at Cevisco is prepared to respond swiftly with our reliable emergency works response services. Our goal is to alleviate any disruption caused by unforeseen circumstances, providing solutions that bring peace of mind.

Assuring Effective Assessment

At Cevisco, we offer three comprehensive stages of assessment tailored to your specific post-construction problem. During our consultations, we provide expert advice to guide you in selecting the most suitable stage for resolving your construction mysteries.

Forensic Engineers – Assuring Precision And Accuracy

Stage 1: Uncovering the Truth: Investigating and Reporting Structural/Building Defects

In-depth analysis of Building Defects, Movement, and Water Ingress

We specialise in preparing comprehensive defect reports, targeting various building issues such as structural defects, building movement, ground movement, water ingress, and leaks. To ensure the highest quality of reporting, we utilise cutting-edge drone technology, enabling us to access the structure’s critical and otherwise inaccessible areas visually.

Mapping Building Defects and Recommending Remedial Work

Our experts will provide detailed building defect mapping and reporting throughout this initial stage. Additionally, based on our findings, we will provide you with expert remedial work recommendations.

Stage 2: Structural Investigation & Reporting for Building Detail

Building Defect Analysis

In this stage, we provide a detailed and comprehensive report on each defect identified in your structure. This report further strengthens the findings of our Stage 1 technical report.

Cutting-Edge Techniques for Thorough Observation

Our expert engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art structural non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and non-destructive test (NDT) methods for conducting thorough observations. Incorporating advanced technology tools in our forensic engineering practices allows us to investigate structures meticulously, resulting in detailed reports that analyse the structure’s current capability and reliability.

To ensure accurate assessment, we employ specialised tools:

  • Rebound Schmidt hammer: Measures concrete strength
  • X-ray and Ultrasonic concrete radar: Measures crack depth, investigates honeycombing and detects steel reinforcements

Precise Observation without Physical Impact

By employing non-intrusive methodologies, our engineers can offer precise structural observations without causing any physical impact on the structure itself. Rest assured, your structure will remain intact while we provide accurate and insightful reports.

Stage 3: Enhanced Structural Assessment for Optimal Reliability and Performance

Comprehensive Assessment of Structural Capability and Reliability

During this pivotal stage, our team of forensic engineers conducts a thorough evaluation of your structure’s current condition. Building upon the recommendations and technical reports from earlier stages, we delve into the analysis of existing defects. Utilising cutting-edge techniques, we perform a comprehensive examination that includes a meticulous check of loading capacity and an in-depth analysis of the structure’s projected lifespan.

Personalised Recommendations for Lasting Solutions

Upon completing our assessment, our esteemed clients receive a detailed report outlining their property’s structural capability and reliability. Drawing from the current defects and condition of the structure, we provide definitive recommendations for any necessary permanent remedial work. Through our expert guidance, we strive to rectify structural defects and ensure the long-lasting stability and integrity of your building.

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Our Innovative Approach and Skillful Execution

At our company, we stand out from the crowd. Our secret? An ingenious and exclusive working model that empowers our team to apply their skill sets to every project we undertake. Backed by extensive experience in the construction industry, we adhere to accredited procedures, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. Discover the difference that sets us apart.

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