Cevisco – Your One-Stop Solution For Commercial Steel Frame Systems in Melbourne

Cevisco is a trusted name in Melbourne, offering top-notch steel frame solutions for various construction projects. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we take pride in being one of the leading providers of high-quality steel framing systems.

Expertise in Lightweight Gauge Steel Frames for Residential and Commercial Projects

Design Structure Beam: Customised Solutions for Your Project

At Cevisco, we understand the importance of tailored solutions. Our team of experts provides innovative design structures and beams that perfectly fit your project requirements. From concept to completion, we ensure utmost precision and reliability.

Superior Quality Prefabricated Steel Frames

As a leading steel frame manufacturer, we specialise in delivering superior quality prefabricated steel frames for various applications. Our tested and trusted products are designed to meet the highest durability and functionality standards. Count on us to provide the commercial steel frame solution you’ve been searching for.

Partnering for Success in Structural Steel Design

Whether it’s structural beam design or residential steel frame projects, Cevisco has covered you. Our team of experts is equipped with the capabilities to meet your specific requirements. With our installation services, supplies, and structural engineering certifications, we offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to ensure your satisfaction.

Steel Truss Manufacturing

Cevisco goes beyond the ordinary by offering steel truss manufacturing services that are second to none. With our state-of-the-art technology and quality workmanship, we create functional and visually appealing trusses. Let us help you unlock the true potential of steel truss systems.

Your Reliable Steel Wall Frame Supplier

Trust Cevisco as your go-to steel wall frame supplier. Our extensive product range and personalised service make us committed to meeting your unique needs. Experience the Cevisco difference and discover why we are the preferred choice for projects of all sizes.

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Our Range of Light Gauge Steel Frame Services

  • Steel Wall Frames

Steel wall frames are stalwarts in modern construction, showcasing structural prowess and design adaptability. With robustness and durability, they provide a resilient foundation for diverse buildings. Utilising high-quality steel, they resist corrosion and environmental challenges, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. Steel wall frames offer a reliable and efficient solution in residential or commercial projects, embodying the strength and adaptability required for the construction industry’s demands.

  • Steel Roof Trusses

Steel roof trusses showcase structural excellence, blending strength and efficiency. Engineered precisely, they offer robust support for roofing systems, ensuring durability against the elements. With high tensile strength, steel provides stability for expansive roof spans without compromising integrity. Versatile in design, steel roof trusses accommodate various architectural styles. Quick to install and low maintenance, they are a reliable choice for builders and architects, perfectly balancing form and function in roofing structures.

  • Steel Floor Joists

Steel floor joists are vital in modern construction, providing strength, versatility, and durable performance. These precisely designed joists create a solid foundation for elevated flooring systems, ensuring stability and load-bearing capacity. Resistant to warping, pests, and decay, steel floor joists offer durability with minimal maintenance. Their efficient installation makes them a reliable choice for architects and builders seeking structural integrity and design flexibility.

  • Balustrades

In construction projects, safety is paramount. The balustrade plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Cevisco specialises in manufacturing high-quality light gauge steel (LGS) balustrades. Our commitment to quality ensures that our balustrades meet and exceed safety standards. With Cevisco’s LGS balustrades, construction projects benefit from a reliable, durable safety solution.

  • Decking Floor

Decking Floor is crafted from galvanised steel and celebrated for its exceptional resistance to rot, Cevisco-Frame emerges as one of the most durable and user-friendly options in today’s market. Its innovative design ensures longevity and provides a stable foundation for composite decking, offering homeowners and builders a reliable solution that seamlessly combines strength and convenience. 

  • Facade

Facade systems are crucial for ensuring the longevity and resilience of contemporary structures. They are designed to withstand environmental challenges like fire, temperature fluctuations, noise, and harsh weather conditions. These systems have become indispensable for architectural triumph, enhancing durability and visual appeal. As architectural innovations continue to thrive, facade systems play a pivotal role in the design and construction of modern buildings.

  • Staircase

Steel frame staircases combine strength and elegant design in modern architecture. Engineered with precision, they offer unmatched durability and stability due to the inherent strength of steel. Beyond their structural prowess, these staircases bring a sleek and contemporary aesthetic to interior spaces, enhancing the visual appeal of any structure. The versatility of steel allows for innovative designs and open configurations, making it a preferred choice for architects and homeowners.

Exploring The Benefits of Light Gauge Steel Framing

Lightweight and Resilient Construction Material

Light gauge steel is incredibly lightweight, making it a preferred choice for construction projects. Despite its weight, it offers exceptional strength and durability, withstanding decomposition and termite damage.

Versatile Design Solutions for Various Applications

Light gauge steel framing provides a robust and versatile design solution for various applications. Whether you’re building residential or commercial structures, lightweight gauge steel can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Reliable Light Gauge Steel Framing Supplies

Our light gauge steel framing solutions in Melbourne are the result of utilising high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology. At Cevisco, we offer a wide selection of residential light gauge steel framing supplies, all backed by a comprehensive manufacturing warranty.

Why Choose Cevisco For Your Steel Gauge Requirements?

At Cevisco, our highly skilled engineers work closely with steel manufacturers to ensure that we deliver exceptional quality and precision in every project. By leveraging our cutting-edge designing and engineering software, combined with an automated roll former, we can produce wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists, and panels efficiently and accurately.

Expert Engineers and Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

At Cevisco, our highly skilled engineers work closely with steel manufacturers to ensure that we deliver exceptional quality and precision in every project. By leveraging our cutting-edge designing and engineering software, combined with an automated roll former, we can produce wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists, and panels efficiently and accurately.

Innovative Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

With our extensive experience, we provide innovative solutions to address even the most complex challenges. Our industry experts are committed to delivering durable, lightweight steel frame solutions that meet your project specifications.

Fast Delivery and Reliable Support

We understand the significance of compliance with the time limits and offering reliable support throughout construction. With quick delivery times and on-site assistance, you can trust Cevisco to ensure a smooth and efficient construction experience.

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