Discover Cevisco-Frame: The Innovation in Decking Subframes

Step into elegance with decking that dances with the art of outdoor living.

Durable and User-Friendly Design

Cevisco-Frame, the cutting-edge decking subframe by Cevisco, is a game-changer for enthusiasts of composite decking. Crafted from galvanised steel renowned for its rot resistance, the Cevisco – Frame is one of today’s most durable and user-friendly options.

Tailor Your Composite Deck to Perfection

With its unique modular system, Cevisco-Frame empowers you to customise the layout of your composite deck, fulfilling your specific needs and desires. Seamlessly align your Cevisco-Frame with your property or choose it as a separate, stand-alone structure to complement your garden.

Enhanced Features for Maximum Performance

Equipped with pre-fitted eco-friendly strips, Cevisco-Frame takes your decking experience to the next level. These strips serve a multifunctional purpose by reducing noise, absorbing impact, and providing optimal stability.

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Why Cevisco-Frame is the Optimal Choice for Composite Deck Framing

Durability that Defies Nature’s Elements

Traditional timber decking subframes are vulnerable to rotting, splintering, and warping when exposed to moisture or frost. In contrast, our revolutionary steel deck frame remains utterly unaffected by seasonal temperature fluctuations, excessive water, or frost, ensuring years of reliable service.

Unmatched Strength for Superior Performance

Crafted from high-quality steel, Cevisco-Frame outperforms other building products with its exceptional weight-to-strength ratio. Unlike timber decking subframes that may bow, crack, or bend under heavy loads, Cevisco-Frame can bear the weight effortlessly.

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Extending Boundaries with Impressive Spans

With a standard span of 2.4 meters between supports, the Cevisco Frame minimises disruption to the ground below, making it an ideal choice for extensive gardens or commercial projects.

Tailored Fabrication for Seamless Integration

Every steel deck frame is meticulously crafted to meet your unique requirements, guaranteeing a flawless and seamless fit. The lightweight design allows for easy manual transportation, requiring only a two-person crew for installation. Every piece of the Cevisco-Frame is interconnected, resulting in a seamlessly finished frame.

Enhancing Drainage for Safe Surfaces

The boards are strategically spaced for efficient water drainage during composite decking installation. Incorporating the Cevisco Frame helps preserve your composite decking and mitigates slip hazards during rainy days.

Discover the Advantages of Cevisco-Frame Composite Deck Framing

Preserve your Landscaping with Minimal Ground Damage

Install your deck over beautifully landscaped areas without causing significant harm to the underlying ground. With Cevisco-Frame Composite Deck Framing, you can enjoy a stunning outdoor space without compromising the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Effortless Access to Utilities with Deck Board Mobility

Need access to utilities like maintenance holes? With Cevisco-Frame Composite Deck Framing, lift and relocate your deck boards whenever necessary. Say goodbye to the hassle of digging and disruption to your yard – our innovative design makes it easy to maintain and access utilities without compromising the integrity of your deck.

Seamlessly Conceal Wiring and Plumbing Within Your Deck

No more unsightly wires and pipes disrupting the aesthetics of your deck. Cevisco-Frame Composite Deck Framing lets you cleanly conceal electrical wiring and plumbing within the deck frame cavity. Enjoy a sleek and polished deck surface while ensuring the functionality of your outdoor space remains intact.

Swift and Efficient Deck Installations with Minimal Garden Disruption

Get your new deck installed quickly and efficiently with Cevisco-Frame Composite Deck Framing. Our expert team ensures minimum disruption to your garden during the installation process. Say hello to a stunning deck and goodbye to time-consuming, inconvenient construction projects.

Decking that turns every outdoor space into a stage for stylish living.

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For a durable and stylish deck installation, look no further! Contact us today, and our highly skilled team will deliver exceptional composite deck framing solutions that guarantee long-lasting durability and absolute satisfaction. Let Cevisco-Frame Composite Deck Framing help you create the perfect outdoor space tailored to your needs.

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